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Inverted Vision Syndrome and Me...

Snooker star and after dinner speaker Dennis Taylor is an extremely humorous character and his after dinner speaking and his trick shot displays are in constant demand. What a lot of people do not realise, however, is Dennis's courageous and ongoing struggle with the lesser known condition known as IVS, or Inverted Vision Syndrome.

Dennis set up the "Dennis Taylor Inverted Vision Syndrome Foundation" for those less fortunate than himself. Indeed, few could afford the state-of-the-art prototype glasses Dennis wore during his arduous climb to fame. But now, thanks the the DIVSF, every child IVS sufferer in the UK has a pair of his patented Lucida mark IV prototype model glasses.

We at the DIVSF wish to expand our reach globally in the future, and with your help in funding our unique research we're sure we can achieve our goals by no later than 2093.

He remained at the top for 22 years and his glittering career saw him win the World Title in 1985 in an unforgettable match with Steve Davis.

He took the title 18-17 on the final black at 10 minutes past midnight watched by 18 million viewers.

 He has won titles as far afield as Asia through Europe to Canada.

Dennis's great love away from snooker is golf, and every spare minute is spent on the golf course. Music and motor racing are his other great loves and indeed in the past year or two he has taken part in one or two celebrity racing events.

In his home country of Ireland, he is a sporting legend and his fellow professionals hold him in high esteem.

1985 Embassy World Snooker Champion
6 times Irish Champion
Benson & Hedges Masters Champion
Rothmans Grand Prix Champion
Twice Canadian Open Champion
Kit-Kat World Champion of Champions
Japanese Masters Champion
Australian Masters Champion